Often times the most expensive part of asphalt maintenance is asphalt repairs. The high cost of materials, the challenge of finding a dump site, and increasing fuel prices make the cost of repairs hard to predict and control. GBR PAVING incorporates the latest technologies (such as grind load machines), as well as unique relationships with suppliers to give you a distinct advantage in scheduling and lowest cost of ownership. GBR PAVING is one of the complete pavement maintenance firms in the Inland Empire, with over 20 years in the business, we are exceptionally qualified to design, scope, and build the most cost effective solutions for your budget. We can provide scope that will ensure a quality bid process.
Long term planning solutions are just one of the advantages you get with GBR PAVING. And our asphalt crews can handle any size repair job, including:
• Remove and Replace • Deep Lift Patching • Trench Repairs
• Pulverization in Place • Patching • Asphalt Burms • Grind and Load (all sizes)

Pavement Overlay

The big issue with pavement overlays is drainage. GBR PAVING incorporates laser precision equipment, large conform grinders, and the latest paving equipment in order to provide the quality solutions you expect. The use of pavement membranes such as Petromat and AR4000 asphalt have been utilized by GBR PAVING since their inception. We are the most experienced and qualified company in the business. When it comes to tight tolerance, tough drainage, and high traffic solutions, GBR PAVING is uniquely qualified to design scope which incorporate the use of pavement overlays.
• Petromat Overlay • Conform Grinding • Laser Drainage
• ADA Compliance 2% max. Leveling Slope Solutions