Some companies specialize in concrete saw-cutting and demolition. Some companies specialize in concrete form, finish, and pour. At GBR PAVING, we provide the entire solution. Our saw-cutting machines, backhoes, Bobcats and excavator equipped with hoe arms, and our fleet of trucks allow us to stealthily and surgically remove sections of failed concrete efficiently. We incorporate concrete pumps, screed machines, and all the latest in concrete technology in order to replace these sections quickly and cost effectively. GBR PAVING is uniquely equipped and qualified to provide any type of concrete repair required.

  • Tree root damage
  • Valley gutters
  • Catch basins
  • Retaining walls
  • Garbage dumpster slabs
  • Planter boxes
  • Vertical curb/curbs and gutters
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways



Many customers find they want to add a creative touch to the paving or concrete project they undertake. Because we want to be a single source to our customers and because we want to ensure quality work, we have continuously expanded our capabilities to deliver beautiful stone work, colored concrete, and stamped concrete solutions.

  • High-end custom residential
  • Stamped Colored
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Special finish Stone work
  • Brick In-Lay Pool decks
  • Cantilevering


Creating an aesthetically pleasing driveway entrance landscape, your home will appear stately and stylish.


  • TILE
  • STAINED CONCRETE Acid -Acrylic



Driveway Paving Materials: There are four main driving factors behind choosing the paving material that is right for your driveway. They are:

1)Price  2)Durability  3)Maintenance 4)Appearance

Whatever your budget, project requirements, or preferences are, there is always a driveway material…


Making the Right Choice for Your Project There are many different types of resurfacing methods such as staining, texture coats, overlay stamps, limestone coatings, epoxy flooring, concrete sealing, and more.

GBR PAVING know that concrete resurfacing is not new; similar methods of resurfacing concrete date back to the early 1970’s. The materials as well as the application methods have evolved over the years. Recent innovations in both products and application techniques have made concrete resurfacing more popular than ever.

GBR PAVING applies all types of concrete coatings.

Choosing which of the many major concrete coating manufactures products to use is less important than having the right professionals apply them. Any over-the-counter products sold at large home improvement stores are not recommended for concrete flooring use. Restrictions are placed on products sold to non-contractors and concrete coating material suppliers generally require training or qualification to purchase their products to avoid improper installation that could damage their products reputation.

There are hundreds of different types products used in concrete resurfacing; there are exterior products and interior products, some of them producing extra low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are even more environmentally friendly. Different products are used to achieve slightly different results to satisfy the customer. Professional grade products can be difficult to apply and take years apprenticeship before applicators are able to work unsupervised. Unlike some other construction methods concrete resurfacing faces new and different challenges on each project.


GBR PAVING will shot blast and/or diamond grind your complete garage floor. We will patch all cracks and major divots with an epoxy crack filler. Next, we supply and install a 20 mil high grade epoxy floor coating to your existing concrete floor.


A well-designed landscape patio will give you a quality family time to spend with, your privacy increase and, improve property value enhancing the livability of your home. A well-chosen contractor will make the project, finally your dream come true. We at GBR PAVING will do everything from patio installation, walkways, Bar-B-Que Islands, gazebos, enclosures, water features to improve the beauty and value of your home.


Detailed design elements will make you feel in the paradise so you can stay in-home pleasant with out wasting time in traffic waiting to get somewhere else. GBR PAVING has put together a professional workmanship team to transform the old yard into that Fan Water-feature Landscape Vacation you deserve! We will be happy to discussed any changes in the scope of work and change once and again the plans until you get 100% satisfied in the design of The Art of Your Outdoor Living. 


Backyard Water Feature Ideas —  Water features in the landscape are the perfect way to create a soothing oasis of sights and sounds. The tinkle of water splashing on rocks and the flash of sunlight as it reflects from a bubbling fountain are just a few of the joys a backyard water feature can bring.

But what if you’re looking for something more adventurous than a birdbath? Water features are the perfect way to let your creativity soar. GBR PAVING take the basic concept of moving water over a surface using a pump to have a dizzying number of possibilities.

Floating Fountains — If you have an existing pond or swimming pool, a floating fountain can add a new level of interest to your water feature. Available in a range of sizes, floating fountains can create towering sprays of water or intricate sprinkling patterns. While fixed electrical lines power most floating fountains, battery and solar powered models are also available.

Wall waterfall — A wall (or vertical) waterfall is a clever way to put a water feature in a tight space. A wall waterfall functions just like a traditional waterfall feature: a pump carries water from reservoir to the top of the waterfall where gravity takes over and brings the water back to the reservoir. With a wall waterfall, however, the entire feature can fit into a space as little as a foot deep. This can be a dramatic way to cover an unsightly wall in the landscape like a garage or windowless house wall.

Bubbling columns — Another solution for a narrow space is bubbling columns. For this feature, columns of natural stone have a hole drilled through them and are set in the landscape. Water is pumped up the hole where it bubbles up and over the sides of the column. Bubbling columns are available in natural stone or as fiberglass shells.

Container fountain — If your garden requires a smaller scale, consider a container fountain. Container fountains can be created from any number of materials including Terra Cotta pots, galvanized tubs or clay urns. Once fitted with a pump, these containers can spill, bubble or splash water into a reservoir set below.