Cleaning contracts generally stipulate sweeping services to be done once a month, twice a month, once a week, three times a week or daily. The actual amount of services is something which GBR SWEEPING  will come to an agreement on with the manager. The frequency of service will have a large impact on the time it will take, because of the amount of trash build-up between cleanings.

A lot which is swept once a month will often have a large amount of packed trash which has been wind-blown into corners, landscaping and other hard-to-reach places. We usually find that an enormous quantity of sand, dirt and gravel has been brought in on car tires in that amount of time. Typically a once-a-month lot will be, on average, in the worst possible condition.

On the other end of the spectrum, a lot sweep on a seven-day-a-week basis will have very little chance to get a heavy build-up of any kind, so each sweep (after the initial clean-up) will probably be just a light trash pick-up.

Another factor to consider is that a client who’s having a sweep often – from daily to three times per week – will expect and deserve a better price per sweep than someone whose lot sweep only once per week or less. One reason is because of the smaller build-up of trash per sweep. In addition, GBR SWEEPING often finds that it is better to provide a discount per sweeping to steadiest customers. Although we will make a little less per time sweep for them, it is more than made up for by the volume of business, and referrals, they can provide.

There are many factors to estimate for a parking lot sweeping job is important to know from customers what is exactly expected and write it down the scope of work in the estimate:

  1. FRECUENCY: Once a month, twice a month, once a week, three times a week or daily.
  2. PROSPECTIVE AREAS: Exact areas to be swept; Front and Back lot areas each service?
  3. SIDEWALK CLEANING: Are sidewalks to be blow cleaning?
  4. TIME: Night or Day?
  5. TENANTS: What kind of Tenants is occupied the property? To determine the constant of traffic cars or trucks.
  6. SURFACE CONDITION: What kind of debris to be pick-up. Rough or smooth asphalt condition, Concrete pavement?
  7. LANDSCAPING: What day is the Landscaping service to set the sweeping schedule to a different day and have the property looking presentable, how many Trees have abundance of leaf-dropping?
  8. HAULING OFF DEBRIS: Hauling the debris away is expensive and not always possible. Is there any trash can to dispose rubbish collected?
  9. TRASH BAGS: Remove and replace trash can liner and Wipe off lids from sidewalk receptacles?
  10. FLOWER PLANTERS: Will be picking up litter from flower beds, picking up limbs and leaves?
  11. TRASH ENCLOSURES: Trash pick-up and blow clean Dumpsters?
  12. LODING DOCKS: Clean Loading Docks how often?
  13. CARPORTS: Are carports to blow clean?
  14. PATIOS: Is there any common area patio to blow clean?
  15. ESPECIAL AREAS: Is there any other area to clean?
  16. SWEEPING PRICE:  Time expended * hourly charge = Total Cost (Minimum charge $50.00 up to 30 min.)

If customer thinks the price is more than he/she wants to pay, we can agree to leave off certain services or cut back on the frequency of sweeping.

Here is an example of price and billing:

A parking lot with 1,000 spaces should be swept in approximately one hour at $75.00 per service hour. The service includes (1)Service truck, (1)Driver man and (1)Blower man, Equipment fuel, Full Insurance coverage and Truck maintenance.

We agreed to sweep, blow clean sidewalks and blow curbs this lot each day, 7 days per week.

Parking Space – 9’ x 18’ =162 sq. ft. plus roads

1,000 spaces x 162 = 162,000 sq. ft. per hour

 (1) One hour per day @ $75.00/hour x 7 days = $525.00 per week

52 weeks/year – 12 months = 2,275.00 per mo. for this example

In this example, our monthly billing would be $2,275.00 for sweeping this lot everyday and spending one hour each day on clean-up.

Fast food restaurants can usually be swept in 30 minutes and are usually only swept once a week.

Contract sweepers charge $150.00-$200.00 per month for this service; however, is very important to establish exactly what service will be perform and keep it on file.

To be Success always do the job we agreed to do.