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What to Expect

Check your sweeping contract to see what is included in the service price. If you have additional needs that are not included in the price (emptying trash cans, wipe-off can lids, blower work behind the building, hand pick-up trash from planters, blower trash-enclosure, pick-up abandoned large items left outside trash-enclosure), just let us know so we can price accordingly.

There are also a few things you should know about GBR SWEEPING services.

  • Machines are designed to pick up trash (cigarette butts, paper, sand). They are not built to pick up large debris or liquids.
  • They do not remove stains (oil spills) from pavement.
  • If you decide to have your lot swept once a month, you can’t expect it to look clean for the entire month. It will begin to accumulate trash and debris immediately after being swept.
  • Sweeping contractors can’t be held responsible for slip-and-fall accidents. These machines will keep your lot looking neat and tidy, but they will only be on site for a limited time. Something can spill, leak or blow into the area after the contractor has swept the lot.


  • Uniform Dress Employees With Company Logos
  • 7 Days a Week Service
  • Delivery Service Report When Job Is Done
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • We Control Noise Levels Near Residential Areas
  • Screws and Nails causes flat tires
  • Clean Parking Lot Increases Property Occupancy

GBR Services Include

  • Power Clean parking lot, entrances and exits of all trash and debris.
  • Clean curb in front of and next to main building
  • Blow out Store fronts, Sidewalks, Base of all Buildings, Curb Planters, Carports
  • Trash Enclosure Areas Clean-up spill over
  • Clean below ground loading docks
  • Empty and Change Plastic Liners from trash receptacles
  • Spray and Wipe Trash Receptacle Lids
  • Hand Pick Island-Planters Trash Items
  • Haul off abandoned items at trash areas
  • Day-porter maintenance available

We Service

  • SHOPPING CENTERS & MALLS                    


  • Dirty parking lots loses “First Impression”
  • Litter increase the chances of slip-and-fall, leading to lawsuits
  • Loose gravel & sand damages good pavement

“Having a Clean Parking Lot projects an image of success,

and people prefer to patronize the successful”

Steam Pressure Washing

GBR PRESSURE WASHING, provides grounds and walls FREE of debris and grime giving customers and tenants a pleasant and clean environmental while in the facilities.
We handle small and large-scale Commercial, Industrial & Residential cleaning projects giving company image by doing a good job.
Pressure washing is a great way to keep pollutants such as mold, carbon, mildew, dirt, rust stains, fungus, algae and others from harming the structure. Having your property pressure washed can also give a more appeal to customers, visitors, and even increase the value because of the improved curb appeal.
The benefits of pressure washing are not just on the surface, also cleaning walls from pollutants such as mold and mildew that can cause health problems for some individuals, it is very important to keep structures clean.
Power scrubbing: Parking Structures & Warehouses
Sandblasting Removes: Line Striping, Curb Paint, Stucco Textures Hard Scale Concrete Stains

Business Services

  • Driveways / Sidewalks
  • Brick/Block / Stone
  • Storefronts, Warehouses
  • Parking Spaces / Lots
  • Garage Floors / Loading Docks
  • Dumpster Areas
  • Playground Areas
  • Machinery
  • Heavy Equipment

Residential Services

  • Fences / Graffiti
  • Brick/Block / Stone
  • Driveways / Sidewalks
  • Parking Spaces
  • Vinyl / Aluminum Siding
  • Mold / Mildew / Algae
  • Pre-Block Party Clean-Up
  • Mobile homes
  • Windows

GBR PRESSURE WASHING, in combination with a particular nozzle, allow detergent to be introduced into the water stream, assisting in the cleaning process. GBR  has an excellent record in cleaning Parking Structures, Buildings, and Truck washing and we can help you solve your large-scale cleaning problems.

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